Dinisha Mingo - CEO

Dinisha Mingo


Dinisha Mingo is the CEO and Founder of MHS Behavioral Services, Inc. MHS, founded in 2016, is an organization that provides outpatient mental and behavioral health services to children, adults and families who experience depression, anxiety, trauma and addictions. MHS also provides ABA services for children with Autism in home and in clinic.

Dinisha began direct service work in behavioral health in 2011, providing outpatient rehabilitative services to children, adults and families. She has worked with diverse populations aged 4-82 individually and in group settings. Dinisha has worked in many areas of behavioral health as a treatment coordinator, case manager and Director of an organization.

Dinisha earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology in 2015 and has a passion for mental health and education. As a result, one of MHS’ specialties is bridging the gap between behavior and education. Dinisha is an educator. Through MHS, she often works in the community to bring awareness and knowledge regarding mental health. In addition, Dinisha created and facilitates a 16 hour training on behavior intervention, crisis, communication, clinical documentation and HIPAA for paraprofessionals in the mental health field. Dinisha is A.S.I.S.T. certified for suicide prevention and crisis de-escalation. MHS hosts an annual suicide hotline for World Suicide Awareness Day.

In 2017, Dinisha founded and is the chairwoman of Solutions of Change, a nonprofit that aides in the rehabilitation of mental health through awareness and direct service provision. SOC completed a 6 week youth empowerment program for teen girls aged 13-16. The program, entitled “Color Me Beautiful” targeted self-esteem, feelings, boundaries, friendship and goals setting, ending with a graduation celebration. SOC partnered with MHS to host 3 “Healing to Health” summits bringing the dialogue of mental health to the faith based community with speaking addressing the importance of physical, mental and spiritual health. Dinisha was appointed Board member of the Nevada Faith and Health Coalition in 2020, furthering her passion and efforts for health in the faith-based community.

Solutions of Change is currently hosting an event in response to COVID-19, “Fancy Friday” a cause for mental health awareness, calling for people to get dressed and feel good in spite of working from home and not being able to go “out”. Although in isolation and having to “physical distance”, we must not allow the circumstances to negatively impact our mental health. Fancy Friday is also a fundraiser to raise money for Solutions of Change to offer mental health support for those unable to afford it.

Dinisha is a public speaker and has spoken at numerous community events for various reasons including business development and empowerment, mental health awareness, motivational speaking, faith-based ministering, and has sat on and moderated panels regarding community development. Dinisha has been invited to NBC, local channel 3 news to speak on various mental health crises in the Las Vegas community.

Dinisha has a passion for teaching and training. She has facilitated many workshops and outreach events for youth and adults. One of her most notable teaching achievements was the creation of state required training for paraprofessionals to render rehabilitative mental health skills to those experiencing and impairment in function due to mental and behavioral health needs. She is adamant about ensuring provider are properly equipped with the skills to best serve these underserved populations so those suffering can be restored to their optimal level of functioning. She partnered with University of Nevada, Reno to training the only 10 Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers on these skills.

Dinisha’s purpose is to serve and she believes in servant leadership. In 2019, She was appointed board member of the Las Vegas Urban Chamber of Commerce where she is able to advocate for opportunities and success for small business. She has a passion for helping business owners maintain their optimal mental health as well. She loves to support at-risk and underserved populations. She believes in education and empowerment but absolutely invested giving others tools to change their lives for the better. She is a mentor, writer, minister, singer and podcaster. Dinisha’s goal is for everyone to leave her presence better than when they came. She strives to do this by walking out the mission she has for herself and MHS. That mission is to BE THE CHANGE.


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