How long will therapy take?

The duration of therapy can vary based on the diagnosis and the individual, sometimes extending throughout one’s lifetime. Minors are eligible for up to 12 sessions, while adults can receive up to 8 sessions under our program. If your therapist determines that more sessions are needed, we can adjust accordingly.

how often should we schedule sessions?

We recommend sessions once a week.

How much does each session cost, and do you accept insurance?

While we are not presently accepting insurance, we assist individuals facing insurance barriers, such as high copayments. Sessions may be fully covered through our grant-funded services, contingent upon income level and household size.

How will I know if therapy is working for me?

You’ll feel therapy is working if you notice improvements in your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and overall well-being over time.

What are your policies on missed appointments or cancellations?

If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, or if you no-show, you will be responsible for the full cash price of the session. This fee will be added to your account and due at your next appointment. After one missed appointment without notice, we will contact you to reschedule. Failure to respond within 48 hours will result in a Discharge Notice being mailed to you. If no attempt to reschedule is made, services will be discontinued.

What if I feel uncomfortable or don't connect with my therapist?

We recognize that sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that connection can’t be forced. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to switch clinicians if needed. Feel free to reach out to our main office either by email or phone to address your concerns. We’ll then explore if another clinician’s schedule better aligns with your needs.

What documentation do you need?

These include identification, proof of insurance (such as W-2, latest paystub, last year’s tax return, state benefit letter, etc.), insurance card, and, if applicable, a custody agreement if bringing in a minor with joint custody.


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