Healing to Health is a yearly community mental health program that brings the dialogue of mental health to the faith-based community, seeking to educate, empower and equip individuals by helping them understand the relationship between, physical, spiritual, and mental health.

JULY 16, 2022
8:00 am- 4:00 pm

Las Vegas City Hall
495 S Main St Las Vegas, NV 89101


  • Clinical Experts
  • Workshop Presenters
  • Guest Panelists
  • Faith Leaders
Breakfast & Lunch Included

General: $35 – $50
CEUs: $65 – $85

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Event Speakers & Workshops

Keynote Speaker

Dr Nadia Parrson

Dr. Naida M. Parson

Dr. Parson is a native of Las Vegas, NV. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Black Studies from the University of California, Riverside. She has also earned a Master of Arts Degree in African-American Studies with emphasis in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles as well as a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University of Nevada, Reno. Dr. Parson is the first African-American female to earn a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from UNR, and the first African-American from Nevada to be Licensed as a Clinical Psychologist. She has provided individual, family, and couples counseling and psychotherapy for 30 years. Dr. Parson is active in the community as a motivational speaker, author, seminar instructor, and mentor and is the Senior Pastor of New Antioch Christian Fellowship.

Mental Health

Bianca McCall

Bianca McCall, LMFT

A seasoned executive-level professional, who has a global reach as an educator, with unquestioned integrity; a long-term perspective; a strong sense of accountability; a practical ability to get things done; wisdom and good judgment; a fair and thoughtful approach to management, combined with the flexibility and courage to shift direction and lead cultural change with passion, purpose, and proposal of innovative approaches and initiatives; excellent verbal and written communication skills and an excellent resource for consulting and diversity training; a high energy level, and sense of humor.


LGBTQ+ Inclusion & Resilience

LGBTQIA people with spiritual and religious beliefs and practices, face enormous stress, shame, and exclusion; which greatly impacts not only spiritual health, but also mental wellbeing. “Church Hurt” within this context, can yield a variety of traumatic stressors and often discourages help-seeking behavior; a dangerous combination for young people especially, without strong social supports and affirming adults. In this presentation, the identity conflict between spirituality and sexuality is explored, and the roles of inclusive and affirming churches; are explained.

Sherita Childress

Sherita Childress, LCSW

Sherita Childress is a psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She currently works as the Clinical Director of SafeNest Nevada, a program that supports Domestic Violence survivors and their children. She owns a private practice therapy business as well. She provides clinical and collegiate supervision to social work and counseling interns and has founded a number of mental health awareness events across the country. She is a native to Las Vegas and a graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas were she earned her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Social Work. She comes from a big family, being the oldest of eight siblings. Sherita is also a faithful servant and is very active with her church ministry. She loves to sing and dance and is a Zumba fitness instructor. Sherita is striving to make a difference in helping others work through life’s challenges by providing her services, resources, tools, and testimony of victory. She wants to see people increase their ability to live mentally healthier, fulfilled & more satisfying lives.


Common Concerns Addressed on the Counseling Couch

● Family/Relational
● Children/teens (self esteem, bullying, peer pressure, behavioral)
● Life Stages & Changes
● Grief/Loss Support
● Stress Management
● Abuse (substance, emotional, physical, and verbal)
● Trauma/Abuse/Domestic Violence

Coping Skills

LaTonya Gaston

LaTonya Gaston, Ph.D., CPC-I

LaTonya R. Gaston has a Doctorate of Biblical Studies, Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling, and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. She has worked as a Clinical Professional Counselor Intern (CPCI) for the State of Nevada for 7 years under supervision. Throughout her journey as a CPCI, she has made it her priority to maintain a trusting therapeutic relationship with clients. It is her belief that in order to see change, one must be willing to invest the time and effort to obtain change. LaTonya is the eldest daughter of Pastors Rose and the late Frank Gaston. She was raised in a two-parent home along with her siblings, Frank Gaston Jr. and Mahogany Gaston. Her childhood was filled with love, support, and fond memories. She watched her parents pastor a church for over 30 years which created her strong spiritual foundation. Having a servant’s heart was instilled in her and has guided her in the career as a mental health clinician. She has two beautiful children, Aarione, 23, Zane, 14, and is a proud Glamma of Kai Amari, 3 years. She is a faithful member of God’s House International Ministries where she serves in the Praise team and Mental Wellness Department as Head Clinician. She has a passion to help the community become intune with their higher self by breaking the chains of anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma through utilizing available resources. LaTonya is a published author of her first book entitled, Journey to Wellness, Becoming a Better You. In 2020, following her father’s tragic death by suicide, she received a certificate of congressional recognition from Senator Steven Horsford for her efforts to bring public awareness to mental health and the suicide crises in our community. While working her passion on purpose, she created a mental wellness support group on Facebook named Tonya Talks Mental Health. The platform was created with the community in mind to increase their awareness regarding mental health issues and stigmas that prevent us from seeking adequate help. She believes that her God-given assignment is to help others reach their full potential and maintain mental wellness by accessing available tools to eliminate barriers.


Reveal to Heal

The Reveal to Heal workshop is designed to encourage and empower true healing through identifying issues that have prevented individuals from vibrating at their highest level. There are so many benefits associated with identifying your issues and holding yourself accountable and responsible for your healing. In this workshop, the facilitator will coach, model, and explore healthy ways to reveal issues appropriately and learn effective tips to maintain mental wellness throughout their healing journey.

Alisa Howard

Alisa Howard, CHW

Alisa Howard is a ten-year Public Health Professional. She’s worked in the field of infectious diseases in a variety of capacities to include: Tuberculosis, HIV & STDs for most of her career. As a former Director, she’s also developed and Implemented an HIV-Ryan White Part B program at the nonprofit level. Over the last three years. She has expanded her multidimensional skillset to incorporate Hypertension and Diabetes education, community health work, as well as health policy for minority & BIPOC communities. Alisa is a Community Health Worker Instructor for the College of Southern Nevada, and is the Principle of a boutique Public Health firm, Minority Health Consultants; where she works with community stakeholders to bridge social determinants of health gaps and increase health equity for vulnerable & marginalized populations.


Journaling to Good Health

In this one-hour workshop you will learn how journaling will increase your overall well-being from your mental health to your emotional health while learning the power of mindfulness.

Jordan Rollerson

Jordan Rollerson, B.S., M.Ed.

Jordan Rollerson is the youngest son of Regina James and Ricky Rollerson and is currently a Doctoral student at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He currently is 2022-2023 Clinical Psychology Fellow where his research interests include: Black males’ conceptualization of Jesus’ masculinity and how it influences/shape their Christian male identity/spirituality as well as Black male friendships and how these friendships protect against adverse mental health outcomes later in life. He was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas “The Holy Land” and earned both his Undergraduate and Master’s degree in Educational Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Texas at Austin. Before moving to California he was an Athletic director and Middle/High School teacher in Austin Texas where his love for adolescents inspired him to pursue his studies in psychology. He is a lover of Jesus, people, and food and the order of which sometimes changes.


Mindfulness Accepting Where You’re At

This workshop will include moment-by-moment awareness of a person’s thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens through acceptance and paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judging them.

Judith Pinkerton

Judith Pinkerton, LPMT, MT-BC

Judith Pinkerton is a Licensed Professional Music Therapist, whose passion for music therapy was ignited in Alaska when her solo violin music replaced medication post-surgery in a hospital. She developed the Music4Life® wellness system that translates the Music Medicine medical protocol into training programs and products available in telehealth, e-courses and digital downloads. As a clinician and internship director, author, TEDx speaker and recording artist, Judith is the first to receive a music therapy license in the USA, issued by the Nevada State Board of Health and Department of Education. With over twenty years experience in helping individuals improve health through her Music Medicine Protocol, she has treated over 11,000 patients in addiction treatment centers. Aflac and the Academy of Country Music produced a TV commercial featuring Judith as their first recipient of the Lifting Lives Honor (2018). Judith joins the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada’s Music Study Research Team (2022) currently enrolling employees, including first responders, who will report the effectiveness of the Music4Life® Music Medicine Protocol.


Music Therapy to Heal Shame

Learn about the conversion of music therapy’s two-part paradigm into the three-part Music4Life® Music Medicine Protocol. Find out about research foundations of Mood Sequence Formulas® that mitigate unsettled moods associated with shame. Discover what music strengthens resilience, peace, happiness, and well-being. Experientials will demonstrate music therapy-informed approaches that support long-term healing.

Faith Intervention

Brittney Collins-Jefferson

Brittney Collins-Jefferson, LCSW

Brittney Collins-Jefferson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Ms. Collins-Jefferson is the owner and founder of Restorative Health And Life a counseling company in Las Vegas, Nevada; Chief Operating Officer of Mingo Health Solutions Colorado, a counseling and applied behavior analysis company in Colorado Springs, Colorado; a co-author of the book “Character Is Beauty”; an acting member of the worldwide ministry, Healing For My Heels and has been featured as a mental health professional on the reality show, Doubling Down with the Derrico’s. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She has been recognized by the Black Student Organization at the University of Nevada Las Vegas for maintaining honorable GPAs in school for both her bachelor and master’s degree programs. Ms. Collins-Jefferson has over a decade of experience working in the social service and human development field. She has worked in a variety of public and private settings including private practice, foster care, social services, and the hospital. Currently, she works in her private practice with clients that present family issues, mental health concerns, substance use concerns and behavioral concerns. Additionally, she supervises students, counseling interns and a few local behavioral health agencies. Brittney takes great pride in her work as a clinician and is always looking to assist others
with becoming healed in mind, body and spirit. She hopes to see transformative change in the people she serves so that they become the best version of who they are. Her motto goes: “let’s get healed wholly, the Restorative way!”


Awakened, Evolving & Exhaling through Divorce

This course is based upon the shame individuals feel when approaching divorce as a member of the faith-based community. The content is based upon practical evidence which will help clinicians best understand their clientele facing divorce and the stigma of divorce. Tools will also be provided for clinicians to understand best practices for dealing with this population.

Lakiesha Oliver

Lakiesha Oliver, CPC-I

Lakiesha K. Oliver is a Clinical Professional Counselor-Intern with a passion and focus on preventive mental health and group dynamics. Lakiesha holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As the Program Manager and Lead Clinician with Solutions of Change she provides therapy and psychoeducation for Southern Nevada community members who are under-insured, uninsured, and undocumented. In recent years she has acted as an employment and transition counselor assisting military members and families in preparation for civilian life. As a veteran and military spouse, Lakiesha has a heart for families in transition. As a Las Vegas, Nevada resident, she has turned her attention to support the community which she now calls home. She is an active volunteer addressing mental health stigma and awareness, and an advocate for positive change for individuals, couples, families, communities, and society as a whole.


Eliminating Mental Health Stigma in the Spiritual Journey

This workshop looks to highlight the inconsistency between stigma and faith. The focus is to explore the roots of stigma, the progression of stigma into shame, and ways to recognize stigma in thoughts and behaviors. Stigma’s ability to interrupt progress in the spiritual journey can be detrimental. In many ways we have been taught that mental health and spirituality are mutually exclusive. Let’s discuss how we can reject stigma and utilize both avenues in an effort to be our best selves and become more aligned in our journey forward.


Greg and Christy Echols

Greg & Christy Echols, President & Director

Faith and Family come first for both Greg & Christy Echols. Their family continues to grow! They are the proud parents to Preston, Drake and Presleigh. Two beautiful daughter-in-loves and the most gorgeous granddaughters you’ve ever seen, Paisleigh (18 months) and Addison (5 months) and another granddaughter on the way to arrive this fall. They have served in various areas of ministry for most of the 28 years they have been married. Currently, they serve on the Pastoral team at Truth Christian Ministries International (TCMI) Church. Professionally, they are the Owners of The Paragon Group & Paragon Utility Group serving the Las Vegas community for over 10 years. Together, they have walked through every door that the Lord has opened for them, have been obedient while watching God blow their mind in ministry, business and in their family! God currently has them on a journey of sharing the message and revelation that God has given of Shame, the Hidden Hurts, and the power of forgiveness


The Hidden Hurts: Allowing the Master Physician to Heal Spiritual Wounds

This workshop will discuss the Biblical order of relationships between people. The various sources of shame will be explored, and most importantly, strategies to heal shame. Attendees will walk away understanding that their failures are not final.


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