Solutions of Change provides FREE counseling/therapy and crisis intervention services for youth ages up to 18 and their families. We provide individual, family and group sessions for those who have experienced trauma or other mental health challenges. 

Family Support Services – Solutions of Change has a family services specialist who helps families with case management and to access social support services and resources. These include, but are not limited to, shelter-related services such as shelter, food, clothing, childcare, employment, healthcare and personal protective equipment. If a youth, adolescent and their family needs support, please call us. SOC and its community partners are ready to serve.

FREE group, bi-weekly for youth who have experienced trauma virtually with a licensed therapist-intern.

Additional Services: 

Host and participate awareness events throughout the year for various causes including our annual Healing To Health Conference

Case Management and Family Services

Skilled Mentoring

Solutions of Change provides insight into growth and teaching life skills to those who may be in need of help in handling emotions.

Provide Counseling and Therapy Services

Solutions of Change uses new therapeutic techniques such as art, sports, theatre, music, leadership, and tools to educate and empower.

Proud Partner