Solutions of Change, Inc. provides outpatient therapeutic and counseling services to help those dealing with behavioral, emotional and mental health needs learn coping techniques to stabilize themselves. These targeted areas of disturbance include (but are not limited to) forms of depression, anxiety, anger management, attention-deficits, and mood disorders typically resulting from trauma. Solutions of Change offers therapy, counseling and family support services to those who are uninsured and underinsured, including undocumented people.

& Therapy



Family Support

From childhood to adulthood, identify, learn and apply solutions to assist in building better self-sufficiency skills.

Monthly Mental Health Moment

Monthly Mental Health Moments will provide mental health education. The Reducing Stigma class seeks to educate individuals on the prevalence of mental illness, the impact of mental health stigma, and ways to combat stigma in the individual, family, and society.

Healing to Health

Bringing the dialogue of mental health to the faith-based community, Healing to Health seeks to educate, empower and equip by helping people understand the relationship between, physical, spiritual and mental health. 

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